Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yet again, something my sister wrote.

Simple things.
Slow down.
Thinking too fast.
Do we value things worth being valued?
We eat and sleep and occasionally give away a smile.
Here and there we laugh.
We all have dreams and long for something.. something that we know we’ll never have, or could we but we’re just too scared?
But do we really live?
And if so, how could one tell?
Everyone has their own idea of what it means to live.
Is it being daring... living life on the edge?
Is it love? True love. Those words are so familiar, yet so uncommon.
Is it learning –  knowledge at it’s best?
Do we have to be deprived of something necessary to truly understand what it is we’re missing?
Death is the opposite of living, is it not? And yet we feel more alive than ever when we see it.
Tangled thoughts are spinning round and round. They become more confusing than before. Questions are answered with questions and finally, when I seem to understand – when I finally have that thought provoking question answered, then, well, it just arises more questions.
We are a nation of accusers. We judge those because they don’t perform the way we do. We esteem a person with knowledge of books greater than another because he’s learned to live without books. Children are forced to find their cliques according to what they’ve been taught. But how often is it that the rich kid is the one to commit suicide – the one that supposedly had it all? 
Carpe Diem, right? Seize the day. It’s a good thought. All those things that we want to do – but we’ll only go as far as seeing it through our mind’s eye. Read a book, explore, listen, think amazing thoughts, dream big and make your dreams a reality. You like her? Well, go for her. Rejection isn’t such a big price to pay for vs. the price of thinking of what might have been. You want to travel to another country? Do it. You only have one life. Live it. Eat something strange. Smell something new. Learn all about why grass is green. Don’t worry about what others think about you. Screw what they think. Breathe fresh air. Drink coffee. Call your mom and tell her you love her. Dye your hair pink. Walk up to a stranger and say "how about lunch?" Don’t look back at your life and think of all you could have been and what would have happened if you did something differently. Listen to the legacy of those now sleeping in the graves. They’re telling you to do something magnificent. Make your life something to be talked about by others. Influence those around you to be something. We are a generation of dreamers full of potential. Everyone screams at us to dream big but them when we decide to do something we are discouraged by those same people. Block them out. Go against the flow. Make your voice louder then the rest. Live. Carpe Diem. Seize this day. Not the next day. Today. Forget about the stereotyped pricks who think everyone has to be the same. Break out from all that. Let’s dance in the rain, not because people tell us we should, but because we want to.

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